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Mental Health in the Emergency Services

by Mary R. Howe
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As the suicide rate amongst our firefighters soars and more and more research is done, it is clear Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD is no longer a problem just in our military.

PTSD is an overload of the human psyche after exposure to a major life trauma. Witnessing or experiencing situations such as accidents, fire related deaths or injuries, distress of loved ones, rape, attacks, or disasters can cause this overload. Noises, crowds, and other life stresses can later trigger these events, often without the person even realizing the cause. This can be overwhelming, resulting in suicide if the person has lost the ability to cope because they are not fully understanding the magnitude of their situation.

Some, but not all of the symptoms, may include flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty falling or staying asleep, and severe anger. These symptoms overflow into all aspects of life causing problems in social, occupational, and almost always, the family situation.

There is help out there for these men and women, but the first step is recognizing there maybe a problem with PTSD. Life Development Strategies has developed workshops for fire fighters, military and police officers to release the affects of PTSD. The focus is not the details of the trauma, but instead on the physical sensations or emotional reactions and the feelings accompanying them. The powerful combination of the group and EFT LD Strategies is able to guide the group allowing them to release the emotional triggers so they can move forward with their lives.

These service people work together so it is natural to heal and become stronger together. A hesitation can be the difference in saving a life or loosing a life.

These ordinary men and women do extra ordinary tasks to help keep us safe. YES PTSD is in our fire departments and a rising in suicide rate and now there is something we can do about it.

Please feel free to call or write for more information about workshops, individual sessions, and public addresses.

603-748-9562 or 603-724-3417



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